What We Do

And Why We Do It

Many businesses today suffer from inefficient paper-based and data driven processes, and often struggle to identify the proper solution. Traditionally, businesses have to buy the software and hardware themselves and then pay someone to integrate everything, plus maintain an IT staff to keep it operating. Not anymore!

Virtual Data Partners shifts the paradigm and allows you to be more productive and profitable by outsourcing the daily struggle of document processing. We are redefining the industry by offering the most comprehensive and reliable automated data capture, workflow, and web-to-print solutions, to help organizations improve their business processes.

Ideally, a business just wants a flexible way to easily organize, access, and manipulate their paper and electronic information for use in a wide variety of applications. That’s what Virtual Data Partners does, and it couldn’t be easier to set up. No new software or hardware to buy. Just send us your documents and we’ll take care of the rest!

We know that growing your business in a highly competitive market is never easy. We can help your business quickly and effectively grow revenue while improving internal processes to gain productivity so your company can reach its full potential.

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Providing the data you expect is the essential starting point to what we do. That’s why we pass all your documents through two key extraction phases. First, we process them through state of the art OCR technology to “read” all the predefined index fields. Next, the documents go through first, and often times, second passes (depending upon the application) by our highly trained Data Entry Operators who will QC the image and verify the data extraction. Even if your documents aren’t OCR recognizable, where software and other technologies can’t extract the data, we can get it for you!


Our ability to combine technology with people and quality control allows us to provide you a 99% accuracy on all your data extraction.


Your data is replicated in real-time between geographically distributed data centers with redundant firewalls with mirrored servers on different power grids. This ensures that in the case of any data center malfunction, a copy of your information will always remain intact.

We also create daily backups of all data to ensure speedy data recovery in case of any unintentional errors.


We follow the industry’s best practices for all areas of application security in order to ensure continuity of service. This includes updating system software, adding and removing equipment, and routine testing of basic and complex services.


Flexible solutions that work the way you do! Each of our services – DocXtraction, DocXchange, and DocXAP – employ key elements and functionality that help streamline and improve data management from the moment documents and/or forms enter your organization. It’s these flexible solutions based on years of experience deploying successful projects globally that can reliably and efficiently interact directly with your line of business applications and systems–in the exact manner that you want to work.


Every server is protected with firewalls to permit the minimum traffic necessary. Additionally, we conduct continuous monitoring of the network load to ensure proper protection against DDoS attacks. All communication between your computer or mobile device and our data centers is encrypted using the same security protocols used for online banking (TLS 1.2). This encryption is activated automatically during each session and cannot be disabled. The security certificate has a key length of 2048 bits. It is issued by GeoTrust Certification Authority, a Symantec company.


Our strict access policy limits those who can access your data at a given time. Our employees do not have access to any of your private data, and may only access account metadata in limited circumstances when providing technical support.

Only you and those whom you explicitly grant access to can view or modify your company’s data.


For more information about our processing and data centers, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to speak with you.